Congratulations to Chemical Processing Services Ltd [CPS] on winning the prestigious Kings Award for Enterprise!

We are delighted to announce that CPS Ltd, the UK’s leading supplier of specialist innovative polymer technology is today (21st April 2023) celebrating being named winner of the King’s Award for Enterprise. The Lancashire-based company secured the award – the UK’s most prestigious accolade for business success – in the Innovation category for its specialist new technology coined “Furalkamines” products offered under the Furalkamine brand.

Conventional epoxy curing agents are based on hazardous and toxic phenols. Furalkamines are a safe substitute for phenols the company says offers superior performance. Their curing reaction does not create any by products or pollutants, has no flammable or volatile solvent and the material is completely inert once cured,

The awards citation says “The unique chemical structure imparts exceptionally high chemical and acid resistance. This allows the formulation of systems that can operate in the most hostile environments, withstand the most arduous conditions, and provide resilient bond lines and protective coatings.”

Paul Jones FRSC, Managing Director and already a current Queens award recipient for innovative products developed for Bitrez and Anacarda products said: “I’m delighted that CPS has won the Inaugural King’s Award for Enterprise especially in the innovation category. This specialist business was set up to develop new disruptive technology and it is an honour and a privilege to be recognised with this award”.