Mannamide – Integrated Mannich Base Polyamide Technology

In the wake of regulatory changes more new disruptive technology is being developed to aid customers across the globe. Dr Shahid Qureshi – Technical Specialist & Business Development Manager – North America, presented a session on ‘Mannamide – Integrated Mannich Base Polyamide Technology” at the TRFA Annual Meeting yesterday 7th May 2024. Chemical Processing Services Ltd adds to its array of disruptive technology with new low temperature polyamide epoxy curing agents with reduced hazard rating.

Shahid’s presentation was a great success and the TRFA Annual Meeting intends to be the premier forum in the thermoset industry to interact and exchange knowledge among formulators, distributors, and suppliers and it will focus on all innovative and timely topics relevant to the epoxy and other thermoset industry advancements, including their possible marketing impact and application for the end-user, will be considered from the market perspectives.