As well as being used in a number of different industries, there are a range of different applications for our products & services.

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, below you will find a few examples of the applications for our resins and composites.

The predominant applications are in civil engineering, primers for concrete and steel as well as adhesive, flexible jointing compounds and some electrical encapsulation.

Cured components offer good mechanical and exceptional electrical insulation properties. These characteristics are retained even under moderate to high continuous operating temperatures due to the good thermal stability and are used widely in the heavy electrical industry.

We have also worked on the development of high content, bio-based resins, curing agents and adhesives for renewable and recyclable components.

Applications tend to be in areas that utilise the high thermal performance and chemical resistance of formulated parts extending component lifespan under arduous conditions.

Our resins are supplied into numerous areas including:

These resins can be used for a number of different abrasives manufactured by moulding, coatings & saturating grams.They can be used to produce grinding and cut off wheels, hot press wheels or super abrasives for a number of different functions such as cloth manufacturing, wood or metal finishing.

Our extensive range of adhesives can be used to bond a wide number of substrates. We offer products that are designed to adhere to specific materials and vary in terms of their physical properties, processing characteristics and their cure requirements.

Adhesive systems with high reactivity can be processed through automated equipment to offer high throughput and rapid introduction to service or part completion. Alternatively, we produce reduced reactivity grades that enable application over wider areas allowing time for application and fixture. Numerous reactivity rates can be employed, and we will always look at accommodating customer requirements and when possible offer bespoke solutions to specific customer needs under their operational conditions.

Bitrez Ltd offers an extensive range of formulated matrix systems that can be employed in the manufacture of a variety of composites and advanced composites. We offer single and multi-components systems that are designed to be processed through a variety of differing process techniques. Composites offer outstanding strength to weight ratios and enable the production of resilient, corrosion and chemically resistant parts that offer outstanding performance and benefit. Systems have been formulated for processing via numerous methods including

Our products can used for high friction surfacing appliations that are developed for road surfaces. The combined resin system is created to offer highly durable anti-skid road solutions.

We offer an extensive range of formulated insulation systems for the encapsulation, protection and fixture of electrical components. Our single and multi-components systems are designed to be processed through a variety of differing process techniques. Systems have been formulated for processing via numerous methods including:

    • Vacuum gravity and automatic pressure gelation casting techniques
    • Trickle impregnation
    • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
    • Atmospheric encapsulation

Our range of elevated temperature and ambient cure surface coatings & lacquers provide excellent protection from corrosion and chemical attack whilst enhancing aesthetic appearance including:

Specialist ambient cure surface coatings providing key materials for:

  • Protection from corrosion
  • Protection from chemical attack
  • Substrate re-enforcement
  • Aesthetic appearance

Specialist elevated temperature cure surface coatings providing key materials for:

  • Protection from corrosion
  • Protection from chemical attack
  • Food contact and regulatory compliance [removal of SVHC’s]

These processes offer more cost-effective solutions and materials that can be used across a number of industries and applications such as for automotive, infrastructure construction

Filament winding is the process of laminating fibres over a rotating mandrel. They are easily designed for specific strengths or stiffness & are repeatable products. There is no weakness around the circumference as opposed to fabric wrapping. Due to batch process, and speed of processing the set up costs are not that high. These will generally be used for pipes and tanks, those will hollow circular or oval segments.

Pultrusion is a process where fibres and resin are pulled through a heated die which creates a cured section.

These materials are seen as the new choice that are able to meet the most demanding requirements for the residential housing market. They are able to replace wood, PVC and aluminium for a variety of different elements such as decking, railings, windows and doors. They are also frequently used in some infrastructure such as bridges.

Wet lay up are produced by forcing resins into the fabrics by the use of rotating rollers. With a wide choice of material types and high fibre content, the typical applications include wind turbine blade, components for aircrafts & large structures.

Used for the fabrication of smaller yet complex components such as seating on trains, small aircrafts and automotive components.

The fabrics are preformed into moulds that clamp together before resin is added. As the resin is enclosed in the moulds, this process has a higher level of health and safety as well as ensuring that the items are shaped on both sides.

Again systems with varying reactivity are offered and we will always look at accommodating customer requirements.

We offer a range of formulated systems for the production of tools and moulds for composites processing, together with matrix resin when the flame retardant properties, in particular the FST (Fire, smoke & toxicity) values offered, are required to meet specifications such as FAR 25.853 (aerospace) and EN45545 (rail).

For further information on an individual product groups and sub categories, visit the product page here. Or if you are searching for information on a particular product, please speak to a member of our technical sales team.