The Chemical Industry – Route to Net Zero Feature

The chemical industry has a vital role to play in delivering more sustainable solution for society and contributing to the net-zero targets by 2050. Not only are chemicals essential components to energy-saving products but cutting emissions and transforming chemical production could have a huge impact globally.

Anchored by ITN Productions presenter Donna Bernard, The Chemical Industry – Our Route to Net Zero explores the multi-pronged approach necessary to achieve net-zero ambitions and improve emissions performance with breakthrough technologies, new infrastructure, cleaner sources of energy and R&D playing a crucial role.

Paul believes as an island nation of explorers, innovators, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and leaders with a history of embracing and rising to a challenge, we are perfectly placed to use the same kind of ingenuity that fathered the industrial revolution, to develop green products and processes to redress climate change. It is unquestionable that the Chemical Industry has inadvertently contributed to the current problems, but the Science and understanding that Paul puts behind the process chemistry will also be the Science and understanding that will provide a means of recovery.

Filmed in the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum, looking out over the Mersey Estuary, Paul highlighted the importance of remembering our need to consider historical developments, educate and provide awareness to inspire future generations in the field of science and also consider the benevolent nature of the people who support these aims.

“The simple fact, the time for change has come. We’ve already developed numerous bio-based products and we welcome projects to satisfy market needs through out commitment to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.”

Steve Elliott, Chief Executive of the Chemical Industries Association, said “The importance of delivering net zero in the next few decades cannot be overstated. Chemical business owners, management and workforces are united in wanting to achieve this for our country and for the world. Right across the UK, in chemical factories and laboratories, there are some fantastic examples of work well underway in the fight against climate change. Our new documentary will showcase some of the best, incredible ideas, products and technologies from our industry.”

Take a look at Bitrez featuring in the Route to Net Zero feature film below!