Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum – Chemistry at Work Week 

Bitrez were pleased to have the opportunity to support and contribute to the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum, “Chemistry at Work Week 2024” whereby students will meet and engage with six local scientific industries. They will find out about the different careers available, what a typical day looks like in one of these jobs, pathways to getting a similar job and take part in a practical science activity related to that company.

Dr Thomas Mangnall and Wendy Howarth presented an interactive experiment with audience participation in the generation of Nylon from monomer feedstock. The “Nylon rope trick” and explanatory information about polymers was presented to multiple groups over the 2 days. Under the watchful eye of Wendy, the volunteers donned their PPE and with some steering and guidance from Tom they capably managed to replicate the experiment that Tom had previously demonstrated, Carothers would have been proud.

The event was a complete success, and we hope all of the pupils and staff that attended enjoyed the event as much as we enjoyed presenting.

Dr Thomas Mangnall is R&D Laboratory Manager at Bitrez Ltd

Wendy Howarth is PR and Project Manager at Bitrez Ltd