Bitrez awarded Composites UK Industry Award for Health and Safety and Innovation in Materials

Bitrez is proud to receive two awards from Composites UK for Health and Safety and Innovation in Materials.

Bitrez was awarded the Health and Safety Award for their extensive work towards formulating products to allow customers base to continue to operate within necessary new restrictions.

Bitrez leads the field in the markets in which the company operates due to its ability to develop innovative products that offer compliance with ever more stringent regulatory demands. The drive for reduction or elimination of a specific substance, generally results from scientific findings and resultant changes in the classification or threshold limit that impacts on the welfare of consumers and/or the environment

Bitrez was also been awarded the Innovation in Materials Award for their product Furacure. Bitrez, partnered by Chemical Processing Services Limited – a polymer chemistry consultancy service– collaborated to develop composite resins that are derived from sustainable plant products that do not interfere with the food chain.

Furacure was launched this year as a new class of polyfurfural alcohol (PFA) bio-based polymer derived from waste biomass, utilised as a matrix resin in a variety of advanced composite applications. These PFA resins, a first of their kind to be manufactured in the UK, are derived from furfural, and modified to increase functionality and subsequent cross-link density.