Biggest Drop Yet! Bitrez supports The Brick on their latest campaign.

Thank you to everyone who helped us organise, collect and donate all of the essential items which we have donated to The Brick this week.

This year, we supported The Brick again in their recent campaign ‘Holiday Hardship’, helping kids to enjoy a summer where they can relax, play and spend time with their families. But high costs, especially for food, childcare and activities mean too many miss out on these experiences as their parents face impossible situations to try and get through the summer months and make ends meet.

Your generosity makes a huge difference to people suffering hardship in Wigan.

We really appreciate anyone who donates this year during this difficult time. We are proud to continue our support for The Brick and we couldn’t do it without our team back at Bitrez.

Just because we have finished our donations for this month does not mean that you cannot keep donating. The Brick is always in need of essential items which can be dropped off at one of their local drop-off points.

Knowing that we can make a big difference in a child’s life with something so little is why we will continue to support The Brick in the future.